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Our Story

Jamie's Grooming began as an idea while Jamie was managing a dog kennel in East Tampa during the fall of 2017.  This passion of working and caring for dogs grew into an interest for grooming.  In November of the same year, Jamie began grooming college and finished early in April 2018 with honors and excellence in all aspects of his degree.  While in his college internship at a St Petersburg grooming salon, he had a unique experience with a pup named Sebastian.  This particular dog had lived in a New York City high rise and rarely left the 34th floor of the building other than for bathroom breaks; additionally, Sebastian's groomer came to the high rise and groomed him in the comfort of his own home.  Sebastian had never been kennel caged for drying or experienced a grooming salon like the one where Jamie was training.  While Jamie groomed Sebastian, the dog howled and didn't want to be placed in the drying kennels.  At this moment, the grooming instructor explained Sebastian couldn't return because of his behavior in the salon.  Jamie's solution was to offer the client in-home grooming as Sebastian had been accustomed.  Jamie's instructor, Ms. G, agreed this was an excellent rectification for the situation.  This was the beginning of Jamie's In-home grooming business during the spring of 2018.  

Dog Grooming Tools
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